let’s be clear about CISPA, more specifically, let’s be clear about the petition to stop it. 

yes, you should sign it. CISPA is a bad thing, trying to get rid of it is a good thing. HOWEVER, tumblr gets radical and hyperbolic about… everything… and people ought to know that getting 100,000 signatures will not automatically end CISPA. what it will do is force white house officials to look at the petition and consider its contents. they would be in no way obligated to aquiesce to the petition’s demands. they might, but there is no guarantee.

that said, calm down a little bit. cool it with the caps lock. stop berating people who don’t sign it and stop reblogging 100 posts a day about how we’re killing the internet as we know it by not signing the petition. it’s important, and it could help, but it is not a savior.

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